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EROC & EOD Training Facilities

EROC & EOD Training Facilities at CDSB Gagetown by Jarsky.

Rendering of the EOD Facility

Expedient Road Opening Capability (EROC) & Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Facilities

A project of Fowler Bauld & Mitchell Ltd., designed by Matthew Jarsky

Range Training Area, 5th Canadian Division Support Base (5 CDSB) Gagetown, Oromocto, New Brunswick, Canada
EOD Building: 3 890 m² (41 872 ft²)
All Buildings: $22.5 million, EOD Building: $15.0 million
Department of National Defence

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The Explosive Ordnance Disposal* Squadron (EOD) Building is a mixed-use faculty. Offices, a dining area, workshops, and classrooms, are enclosed in a low (5 m) masonry volume adjoining a taller (7 m), metal-clad volume housing storage bays for trucks and trailers, warehouse space, and space for storage and maintenance of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

The design accommodates DND security requirements while still providing generous daylight and access to the exterior. The south-facing main entrance opens to the main surface parking lot, while a secondary entrance opens to an outdoor training area on the building’s east side. A deep overhang along the north and south elevations of the warehouse/garage shelters the overhead doors and creates a covered outdoor work area.

Windows provide daylight and views at the building perimeter, while four “lanterns” raised above the roof provide daylight to spaces at the core of the plan. Windows at grade are protected by architecturally-integrated security grilles. 

Level 1

The facilities are one storey, except at the hubs, one of which is located in the centre of each module at the front wall. These hubs include utility spaces and offices, surmounted by an open mezzanine for heating and ventilation equipment.

The long-span, steel structure, with component steel cladding, provides indoor, temperature- and humidity-controlled parking for ninety-six LAV IIIs (in three modules of thirty-two vehicles). Each module includes a main entrance and foyer, offices, a briefing room with kitchenette, secure storage rooms, and washrooms (with showers).
Additional rooms, not required in every module, such as the sprinkler room, boiler room, and telecommunications rooms are located as required and accommodated without deviating from the standard module floor plan.

Vehicle circulation is one-way. Vehicles enter at the rear of the building and exit at the front. This minimizes the manoeuvring of the vehicles within the building, reducing the chances of collision and the amount of space required for vehicle circulation.
Each vehicle bay is equipped with easily accessible portable lighting and power, and is equipped with water, compressed air and mechanical vehicle exhaust extraction. Both buildings include a weapons vault (designed to Secure Room SR-2 requirements), as well as office space and a large meeting room.

The facility includes a variety of sustainable design elements:

  • Wall and roof insulation values are superior to building code requirements
  • High-emissivity roofing mitigates heat island effect
  • Rainwater harvesting for use in graywater systems reduces domestic water consumption
  • Solar heating of fresh air used for mechanical ventilation
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • High-efficiency LED lighting throughout
  • An electronic interconnect between each of the building’s vehicle doors and the heating system ensures that heaters do not run when the adjacent door is open
  • Landscaping that requires no irrigation
EOD Technician with remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

EOD Technician with remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

EROC Bison Vehicle Information Plate

EROC Bison Vehicle Information Plate

The EOD Building is targeting LEED Silver certification.

The project also includes a separate storage garage for the EOD unit (1 075 m²), a bunker on the Northern Demolition Range, and several smaller buildings.